Climbin' Ombú w/ Arnaldo



Berlin-based Argentinian Arnaldo makes heartwarming mellow house music, and smashes NTS once a month for a couple hours. If he can mix it, he'll play it - expect a constant stream of rollers.

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  • Transformation 2: into separate realities-reichian trance (deep distance)
  • Torquino-Jorge Ben - carolina carol bela
  • Bill crompton / Norman murrels-house of bamboo
  • Domenique dumont-l'esprit de l'escalier (antimote)
  • Wally badarou-endless race ( island records)
  • Herbert-moving like a train
  • Franco micalizzi-crescendo (the Kama sutra of Italian erotic film music from the 60's and 70's)
  • Four tet-parallel jalebi (beautiful rewind album)
  • Zinja hlungwani-n'wagezani - gezani's daughter (honest jons) - shangaan electro comp
  • Resista 001-daphni edits vol 1 (mapefumo a side)
  • Dinosaur 'kiss me again' (sire records)-Arthur Russell Nicky siano (Jimmy Simpson remix)
  • Donnies and Joe Emerson-give me the chance (light in the attic records) - dreaming wild
  • Prince-kiss
  • 01 am-ayooo
  • No zu-zues zam (chapter music)
  • Andras fox-Gold Coast (surfers paradise mix)
  • High wolf-707 (kairos/ chronos album) not not fun records
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