Assorted Sounds w/ Zac Jackson



Zac Jackson picking far and wide for a journal of genre-defying and relaxing tunes. From Italo to house, new wave and synth pop, diversity is key – music without boundaries.

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  • Kasso-Round Dance
  • Pat and Pats-Tobago -Insturental
  • Yarbrough & Peoples-Guilty - Insturmental
  • Cherri-Give it to me baby
  • Machine-Is It Love?
  • Band Of Jocks-Lets all dance - Instrumental
  • Buffalo Soldier-Hijacker
  • MDMC-Long Way Up (Downtown Version)
  • Sekou Bunch-Can't Stop Loving You (Instrumental)
  • T Tauri-Key Largo
  • jolly kunjappu-sock it
  • jose 'louis' gomez-change