Awkward Movements



Your fortnightly post-rave batch of electronic goodness and live music, with an experimental angle taken taken from around the world. Keith P and Paul Ackroyd dig through their ever growing collections of wax / tapes / digital, and share their favourite selections of the good, the rad and the buggly.

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  • Mark Pritchard-You Don't Know Me
  • Anthony Naples-Crazy Spirit
  • Euclid-2447
  • Lee Gamble-Mimas Skank
  • Efrain Roza-That’s Right Bitch
  • Greg Fox-Kardia I
  • Mårble-Voice Killah
  • Panchasila-Cumbia Hindu
  • German Army-Jungle Office
  • Ghédalia Tazartès-Oslo - Solo (Part 6)
  • Ghédalia Tazartès-Oslo - Solo (part 5)
  • Mark Fry-Rethorb Ym No Hcram
  • Inga Copeland-Smitten
  • Killing Sound-$ixxx Harmonie$ Version
  • Heroin in Tahiti-Alo
  • Nathan McLaughlin-2.34
  • Nekropolis-Unendliche Qual
  • /F-_92 v0a sjzkla jss s s f f f
  • Pole-Kieniewicz
  • Fhloston Paradigm-Never Forget
  • Bronze Teeth-Cut Bronze
  • Koehler-Dynasty
  • Willie Burns-August, Winter In Africa
  • Jemapur-Substance
  • Philipp Quehenberger-In Sight