Awkward Movements



Your fortnightly post-rave batch of electronic goodness and live music, with an experimental angle taken taken from around the world. Keith P and Paul Ackroyd dig through their ever growing collections of wax / tapes / digital, and share their favourite selections of the good, the rad and the buggly.

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  • L.B. Dub Corp-No trouble in paradise
  • Tom Trago-The Elite
  • EOMAC-Hither, Pappy
  • Wooden Shjips-In The Roses
  • Los Siquicos Litorale├▒os-Si, si, si
  • Golden Grrrls-Paul Simon
  • Group Rhoda-Dust
  • The Space Lady-Ghost Riders
  • Heatsick-Watermark
  • Laurel Halo-Oneiroi
  • Saada Bonaire-You could be more as you are
  • NHK'Koyxen-768
  • DJ Rashad-I'm Too Hi (feat Earl)
  • Muslimgauze-Untitled 2 (Turkish Berlina)
  • Death Grips-You might think he loves you for your money but I know what he really loves you for it's your brand new leopard skin pillbox hat
  • Cellular Chaos-Adviser
  • Pampers-Purple Brain
  • Melt banana-Lie Lied Lies
  • The Dixie Cups-Two Way Poc A Way
  • Souha Abdel Amir-Kolli Ala Al Makshouf
  • Easy Kabaka Brown-Belema
  • Abdul Rahman Al-Gheid-Beyt Kar Akhal
  • Ashig Garib-Orta Saritel
  • Stefan wesolowski-Ostinato
  • Gabriel Saloman-Marching Time
  • C. Spencer Yeh / Okkyung Lee / Lasse Marhaug-The Mermaids Of Extended Technique
  • Claire Chase-Density 21.5
  • Shadowlust-Fluid Distortions
  • Shifted-Pulse Incomplete
  • Fuck Pigs-Cephalaigia Suite
  • Josephine Foster-This is Where the Dreams Head Maude
  • Helene Gespass-Die Woch Von Pesach
  • Noi Giam & Ban Hat Van Hi Ban-Xu Toi Bang Qui Phi
  • Wohar Sam-Khmer Kroak
  • Thaton Ba Hein-Taw Hnit Taung Swe
  • Plah And Raslah-Lagu Daerah Sumatera
  • Demdike Stare-Null Results
  • Land Of Kush-Faint Praise
  • Valerie Gees's Car Band-Pensees Et Maximes De VGE