Black Classical - History of Spiritual Jazz Part 2


Themed and comprehensive voyages into the depths of jazz from the mind of Black Classical.

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  • Infinate Sound-Ocean (Reprise)
  • Griot Galaxy-Necrophillia
  • Griot Galaxy-After the Dream
  • Griot Galaxy-Dragons
  • Dizzy Reece-Nirvana
  • Dizzy Reece-Possession
  • Dizzy Reece-Crisis
  • Carlos Garnett-Black Nile
  • Carlos Garnett-Dawid
  • Griot Galaxy-Khamti Noblia
  • Two Banks of Four-One Day
  • Cheikh Tidiane Fall-Few Maka Black Snow
  • Terumassa Hino / Mal Waldrom-Reminiscence suite
  • Build an Ark-Nature
  • Roy Brooks and the Artistic Truth-Black Survival
  • Edward Vesala-Wind
  • Milton Marsh-Everlasting
  • Don Cherry-Brazilian Ceremonial Hymn
  • Muhal Richard Abrams-How Are You?
  • Organic Music Society-Relativity Suite Part 1
  • Organic Music Society-Manuscha Raga Kamboji
  • John Coltrane-Welcome
  • John Coltrane-Om
  • Karmu Daåhoud-Poem for our Majestic Ancestors
  • Les Oubliés de Jazz Ensemble-Nigger/UR/AH Musician
  • Nobuo Hara Sharps and Flats-Sohran Bushi
  • Babs Robert Love Planet Extra Pol Action-Ice Cream 70
  • Charles Tolliver's Music-Inc Ruthies Heart
  • Dinamitri Jazz Folklore-Kongo Bells
  • Amiri Baraka-There Really Was An Africa Poem
  • Masahiko Togashi-The Beginning
  • John Coltrane-Dearly Beloved
  • Dave Lee Jr-Spirit Voices
  • Eddie Gale-It Must Be You
  • Bruce Johnson-Rainstorm/Calm/Peace
  • Donald Alexander Strachan and The Freedom Ensemble-Song of Searching
  • Cozzi Anatz-Hortus
  • Philip Cohran and the Artistic Heritage Ensemble-Black Beauty
  • Azar Lawrence-The Beautiful and Omnipresence of Love