w/ Hung Drawn & Quartered



From 10 till midnight every other Saturday, Black Impulse’s shows are packed with transatlantic camaraderie and a distortion heavy stroll though metal, noise, gutter garage, trash blues, prog, hardcore, hip-hop, free jazz and anything else.

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  • People-Glastonbury
  • Tudor Lodge-It All Comes Back To Me
  • Holy Fuzz-Rejoice
  • Cursed Jazz-Parahi
  • J.J. Burnel-Triumph (Of The Good City)
  • Circle-Saarnaaja
  • Hellstormn-Cry For The New Born
  • Stomu Yamashitas-Wheels Of Fortune
  • Niagara-Sangandongo
  • Silver Apples-A Pox On You
  • Amanaz-History Of Man
  • Hurdy Gurdy-The Giants
  • Witchfinder General-Rabies
  • Horse-To Greet The Sun
  • Saint Vitus-H.A.A.G
  • Black Sabbath-Wizard
  • Spacin'-Empty Mind
  • Burning Up Years-You Really Got Me
  • The Monkeys-Love Is Only Sleeping
  • My Solid Ground-That's You
  • Yamantanka - Sonic Titan-One
  • Pulsar-Pulsar
  • Villetones-Heinrich Himmler
  • Off!-Panic Attack
  • Devo-Secret Agent Man
  • ZZ Top-Just Got Paid
  • Hawkwind-Life Change
  • The Birthday Party-Big Jesus Trash Can
  • Lungfish-A Friend To A Friend In The End Times
  • Coloured Balls-That's What Mama Said
  • The Staples Singers-Tend To Your Own Business