Black Impulse w/ Alexander Tucker



The Black Impulse team welcome polymath special guest, Thrill Jockey Recording and Breakdown Press artist, Alexander Tucker into the studio to play a very ethereally cosmic live set and talk records, Bardo Pond and comics.

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  • Dprothy Ashby-Wax and Wane
  • Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra-Longshan Temple
  • De Sade-Wine Woman And Jam
  • Stomu Yamash'ta-Sunrise
  • Anthony Phillips-God if I Saw Her Now
  • Bardo Pond-Chance
  • Grumbling Fur-Acid Ali Khan
  • Bardo Pond With Alexander Tucker-Side To Side
  • Funkadelic-Mommy was a funkadelic
  • The Cardiacs-All His Geese Are Swans
  • Tomega-Future Grotesk
  • William Sheller-Harikrishna
  • Carlton Melton-Sarsen
  • Nest Egg-Burlington Coke Factory
  • Grumbling Fur Time Machine Orchestra-Rose