Body Motion



The signal is strong, send to all. A wordless internal monologue from the perpetually murmuring hippocampus. Never sleeping but never awake, Body Motion traverse the chasms of subconscious and divine the glowing binary for the brief moments between asking and answering, “what time is it”. Industrial churning, distant finger cymbals, sweet synths and the sound of a kettle’s plume.

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  • Ausland-Bassio Peia
  • Miniatures-Unknown
  • Baegu Music-Lullaby
  • Craig Leon-She Wears a Hemispherical Skull Cap
  • You're Me-Luciditty
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Tony Hymas-Pictures of Departure
  • Yoichiro Yoshikawa-Tassili N'Ajjer
  • Karen Marks-Cold Café
  • Dr Dr-Humanity
  • Christina Kubisch-Circles III
  • Transform-Transformation
  • Dream 2 Science-Breathe Deep
  • Cassper Pond-Electronic Dub 2
  • Akis-Full Moon (DUB)
  • Sim Hutchins-Some Men (Me) Just Want To Watch the World Burn
  • C Cat Trance-Shake The Mind