Body Motion w/ Nazira



The signal is strong, send to all. Widegaze, post-beat, freneticisms and hoover – Body Motion plugs in sideways to decode one layer of cogent reality at a time. Parallel paradigms, monthly on NTS2

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  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Infinity-I-94
  • White Noise-Love Without Sound
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • A Thousand Skies-Clap Clap Centipead
  • Equiknoxx-A Rabbit Spoke To Me
  • Sissy Wincent-Tricky Question
  • Hyper Flux-Herva Nasty
  • Piotr Kurek-Tripartite
  • October-Untitled (Synth Test)
  • King Jammy-Sugar Me
  • Beatrice Dillon X Rupert Clervaux-A Diferent River Once