Bokeh Versions w/ Jay Glass Dubs



Bokeh Versions are all about cosmic dub. An hour every month of tripped out sounds from all over; from Peckham to the far reaches of the galaxy.

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  • Fransesco Cavaliere-Asath! La Metamorfosi Del Palmo Di Una Mano (extract)
  • Jay Glass Dubs-Nameless Dub (extract) - anĂ²mia forthcoming
  • Jay Glass Dubs-Double Edge Sword Dub - Bokeh Versions forthcoming
  • The Hydra-Carl Opland Miles Sagan - A Man Out Of A Man compilation forthcoming
  • M.Red & Kenton Loewen-Depth Charge - unreleased / Lena Platonos - Dialeimma To Savvato
  • Lost Bodies-Pano Apo Ti Gi
  • Stereo Nova-Mathima
  • Igor Wakhevitch-Homo Sapiens Ignorabimus
  • Jay Glass Dubs-Folklore Dub (extract) - The Tapeworm forthcoming
  • Rooms In Negative-Phone Number 6
  • Franco Battiato-Aria Di Revoluzione
  • Luis Perez-In Altepetl Tonal
  • Yisack Banjaw-Libey Maaduley - Teranga Beat forthcoming
  • Christos Tzitzimikas-Tou Nasou (Tin Akri Akri Epigena)