Boomkat w/ Maxwell Sterling



Online record store Boomkat dedicate their catalogues to the best records offered up by the independent and underground, along with “post-generic objects of wonder.” They hit up the NTS studio once a month for a quick run through of their favourites.

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  • ø-In Wind
  • KARA-LIS COVERDALE - Boomkat Editions 12x12 06
  • Gas-Narkopop 6
  • The Caretaker-Everything at the end of the world stage 2
  • Aaron Dillaway-Karaoke with Cal
  • Basic House-PYXYS
  • Dopplereffekt-Gestalt Intelligence
  • Omar Souleyman-Mawal
  • IVVVO-I Fucked It Up
  • Arca-Fugaces
  • Yoshitaka Hikawa-Keayea
  • 0comeups-Go Plug
  • Teresa Winter-Pain of Outside
  • Coil-Accident Insurance