Boomkat w/ Shapednoise



Online record store Boomkat dedicate their catalogues to the best records offered up by the independent and underground, along with “post-generic objects of wonder.” They hit up the NTS studio once a month for a quick run through of their favourites.

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  • Ande Somby-Yoiking
  • Isolde Touch-Secretary of sensation
  • Francesco Cavaliere-Asath! La Metamorfosi Del Palmo Di Una Mano
  • Black Zone Myth Chant-Jimmi W
  • Deamonds-Unknown
  • Gabriella Emde-Jahla
  • Arca-Sever
  • Express Rising-Long Distance Rising
  • Vincent over the sink-22 coloured bull­ terriers
  • The Wake-Torn Calender
  • Don't Ask-Clocking Off
  • Healing force project-firecracker
  • Georgia-African Sciences Remix
  • Bread Woman-Unknown
  • Imaabs-Clinaman
  • applehead-side a
  • Flying Lotus-babble
  • Biosphere-hyperborea
  • Bjork-lionsong (mica levi remix)
  • Tim Hecker-virginal II
  • Shapednoise-The man from another place
  • rabit + dederkind-track 1
  • Wu Tang Clan-Sever Punishment
  • Nuances-Last 10 seconds of life
  • Low Jack-unreleased modern love
  • Au revoir-Mat a Ne
  • Not Waving-Punch
  • Pleasurable Possession-innsyster
  • Dj Niggafox-Unreleased
  • Thug Entrancer-Low Life
  • The tapes-Low­Gear
  • December-Behindert
  • Leonardo Martelli-Menti Singole
  • Francesco Cavaliere-Asath! La Metamorfosi Del Palmo Di Una Mano
  • Bases terres-until I'm gone