Los Angeles


Kyle Ng and Ed Davis' cult label Braindead test the radio waters... Ruminations in gutter punk, old psych, experimental noise and all other records with attitude.

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  • Meridian Brothers-Vertigo
  • Ramzi-Phobiza
  • Tim Maia-The Dance is Over
  • El Michaels Affair-All I Need
  • Vex Ruffin-It Will Come
  • The Horrors-Scarlet Fields
  • Ceremony-The Separation
  • Typical Girls-Juanita Y Los Feos
  • Gerry & The Holograms-Jeep
  • Lizzy Mercier Descloux-Bim Bam Boom
  • Konk-Baby Dee
  • Bush Tetras-Can’t Be Funky
  • Senam-Doy Doy Doymadim
  • Boots For Dancing-(Let’s All) Hesitate
  • Kas Product-Mind
  • Deux-Game and Performance
  • Tom Ellard-The Ritualistic
  • Anna-Systems Breaking Down (Dance Version)
  • Frak-Synthfrilla
  • Maheras-Pusher
  • Marie Davidson-Good Vibes
  • Philippe Laurent-Distorsion
  • Woo-Awaawaa
  • The Modern Art-Martha in Stereo
  • Beat Happening-What’s Important
  • The Walker Brothers-There Goes My Baby
  • Devo-Can U Take It?
  • Au Pairs-Love Song
  • Lilliput-Beri-Beri
  • The Durutti Column-Sketch For Summer
  • Connan Mockasin-Choade My Dear
  • Syrinx-Better Deaf and Dumb from the First
  • Minks-Annie
  • Rolling Mass-Prime Unity