CDR Audio Show



From the initial inspiration and early demo, right through to polished master, Tony Nwachukwu's CDR AUDIO show celebrates the creative journey of tracks-in-the-making with the help of special guests from the CDR community and beyond.

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  • Donalds House-Soma
  • Hugh Mane-Live Drama
  • Jack Pattern-Revolting Stud
  • Bianca Chandon presents &Co.-Best Of Friends
  • Donalds House-Aquarian Dream
  • Ess O Ess-Cantillate (Chida remix)
  • Carrot Green/Selvagem-Vandre (Marvin & Guy Halal Sensation)
  • Simple Symmetry-Near East Confusion
  • Apiento-The Orange Place
  • Sharif Laffrey-Key Jam A.C.I.D. (Animal Copulation in Darmstadt)
  • Skatt Bros.-Walk The Night (Ara Simonian Remix)
  • Oni Ayhun, Rroxymore, Jaguar Woman, Acquarian Jugs-DR-3
  • Andy Blake & Timothy J. Fairplay-B-Ultras
  • Dude Energy-Renee Running
  • Yothu Yindi-Djapana (Gapirri Mix)
  • Chmmr-NP-Hard
  • Pan Solo-Jungle Falls
  • Frank Agrario-Thrun Dha Tha
  • Syclops-Where's Jason's K
  • Red 7-I Lost My Shoes On Acid
  • Genius Of Time-Juno Jam