Channelling w/ Nathan G Wilkins & Chuggy



Old friends and hapless mavericks Ivan Smagghe and Nathan Gregory Wilkins present a fortnightly window into their ramshackle musical world. A show with absolutely no rules (as they'd only break them). We love the unmixable, old & new. We are oddballs and we love you.

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  • Mira Kubasinska & Breakout-Do Kogo Idziesz
  • Alaska-Abra Cadabra
  • Nemesy-Touch
  • Sun Ra-Neptune
  • Sk Kakraba Band-track 2 (b side) of 'Yonye'
  • Lizzy Mercier Descloux-Hard-boiled Babe
  • Unreleased-Unreleased
  • Red Axes-Hamem Oti
  • Mike Sena-Boeing Boeing Bong (Bali High Soundtrack)
  • Massimiliano Pagliara-I Love You And That's Me
  • Marc PiƱol-Zulu
  • Smokey-DTNA
  • Fuxa & Neil Mackay-Apollo Soyuz
  • Alphonse-Same For Me
  • Buena Vista-Hot Magazine
  • Brenda Ray-Take Me In Your Car
  • Commandant Carlos-The Charm Of Love
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Clock DVA-4 Hours
  • Jonny Telafone-Waking Up Crying
  • Lipelis-Weirdshit Xu Paelk
  • Spooner Oldham-Cry Like A Baby
  • Dengue Dengue Dengue-Como Bailar Cumbia