NTS veteran Cherrystones has been here for a while, and has played a lot of stuff: broad selections from Krautrock to metal, free-jazz and psych.

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  • Geometry Of Muder-Earth
  • Sex Tape-Gentleman
  • Only The Astronaut Knows The Truth-Hose
  • Knock Knock-The Humane Society
  • Pussy-Feline Woman
  • One Road To Asa Bay-Bathory
  • Evil Ways-Graveyard
  • Free Country-Witchfinder General
  • Boil The Kettle Mother-The ID
  • Nub-The Jesus Lizard
  • Dark Lady-Scorpions
  • Rock Bottom-UFO
  • I Am A Poseur-X-Ray Specs
  • Gypsy-Dio
  • Bad Little Woman-The Wheels
  • Limb From Limb-Motorhead
  • Primitive Man-Jerusalem
  • Saint Vitus-Saint Vitus
  • Ride In The Sky-Lucifer's Friend
  • Send Me A Postcard-Shocking Blue
  • A National Acrobat-Black Sabbath
  • I'm A Bug-The Urinals
  • Five Finger Exercise-Christ Child
  • Midget Submarine-Swell Maps
  • Die Hard-Venom
  • Factory Grime-Crushed Butler
  • Magic-Zig Zags
  • Ya No Ya Wanna-Coachwhips
  • Big Money-Atomizer
  • Paranoid-Corporal Gander's Fire Dog Brigade
  • Agonizer-Melvins
  • Unknown-The Ocs