Circadian Rhythms w/ Last Japan, Blackwax & E.M.M.A



Producers Last Japan and Blackwax hit up NTS once a month for a showcase of the best UK dance has to offer, picking threads through hardcore, jungle, garage, grime, dubstep and beyond.

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  • Teyana Taylor-Maybe feat Pusha T
  • Thomas White-Ovation (feat Dear Lola - Helix remix)
  • Sully-Concord (Banshee remix)
  • Alex Coulton-Equilibrium
  • Saga-Crest
  • Chemist-Blocks (Last Japan's still kold remix)
  • Rabit & Riko Dan-Black Dragons
  • Future Brown-Wanna party (remix) feat. tink, 3d na’tee
  • Emma-Light Years
  • White Ring-IxC999
  • OoOOo-Burnout Eyess
  • Emma-Peridot
  • Vex'd-Fire
  • Boothroyd-NYC
  • Mokadem-Dunt U