Circuits w/ Olly Chubb



Connections in electronic music: the history of house and techno as presented to you by the wonderful Olly Chubb.

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  • Underground Resistence-The Theory
  • John FM-Jchx
  • The 7th Plain-Seeing Sense (Reprised Version)
  • Autechre-Bike
  • Laurence Rassel & Terre Thaemlitx-Useless Movement
  • Marcus Mixx-The Spell (Ron Hardy Mix)
  • Inertia-Nowhere to Run
  • Yennek-Emperical Reality (Fake Piano Remix)
  • Nuron-Madam
  • Model 500-The chase (Mayday's Version)
  • Dan Curtin-Population II
  • E-Dancer-Pump The Move
  • Levon Vincent / Marcel Dettmann-Vengeance
  • In-Sync - Storm
  • Maurizio-Ploy (UR Mix)
  • Choice-Acid Eiffel