Coby Sey



Tune into Coby Sey's show on an early Saturday evening for a masterful selection of his own tunes alongside favourites and influences. Sedated hip-hop, drone, ambience and other glacial and sludge sounds.

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  • Coby Sey-Intro / Petals Have Fallen
  • Randomgirl-Excerpt (Window)
  • Ayub Ogada-Kothbiro
  • Karl D'Silva-Disappear
  • Oliver Coates-Raimondas Rumsas
  • FrancescaTerBerg-Noizemaschin!!
  • Tim Hecker-Chimeras
  • Kano-Strangers
  • Scott Walker-Tar
  • Fotomachine-Black Science
  • Big K.R.I.T.-Vanilla Sky
  • Tirzah and Micachu-Parents Are Gone (ft. Coby Sey: Live Vocals)
  • Coby Sey-Something Rhythm (edit of Cocoa Futures' Do Something)
  • Kaol Abe and Masayuki Takayanagi-1970.7.9 Station' 70" (3/3)
  • Bilal-Butterfly (ft. Robert Glasper)