Confused Temporalities



Unearthly early/late sounds with Confused Temporalities: expect found footage, ambient sonics, experimental avant-electronic sketches and whatever else doesn't fit the mould.

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  • Francisco Lopez-yanayacu
  • Louis Dufort-Z-nith
  • Iannis Xenakis-Diamorphoses
  • Anna Homler and Sylvia Hallet-Les Perdues
  • Anna Homler and Sylvia Hallet-Sea of Vapours
  • Pierre Schaeffer-Echo d'Orphee
  • Guy Reibel-Balancement
  • And Around-Accord
  • Bernard Parmegiani, Joseph-Maria Mestres-Quadreny- Outremer
  • Guy Reibel-Sillage
  • Icarus-Benovelent Incubator