Cosmin TRG X Call Super



Cosmin TRG reps the NTS channel 2 stream once a month for a two-hour session of textured, dancefloor sonics. Tune in for a decent dosage of expertly selected house and techno electronics...

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  • Lapti-Enter/ Lulaby
  • Zentrum Für Elektronische Musik-Digital and Subharmonic Workshop
  • OL-Terrible Night
  • Actress-Ivy May Gilpin
  • Jus’ Ed-Jus Ed’s Aerial
  • Knowone-007
  • STL-Nite Train
  • Aaron Dilloway-Psychic Driving Tapes Excerpt 3
  • Simon Fisher Turner-Shishapangma
  • Ondo Fudd-Blue Dot
  • Tolouse Low Trax-Rushing into Water
  • Lawrence-Pond
  • SW-B2 Reminder Part 3
  • Jus Ed-Thrilla
  • Tim Wright-Can't Stop (Schatrax Mix)
  • A Made Up Sound, Svn & Dynamo Dreesen-Untitled
  • Horacio-Durango
  • Mono Junk-Channel B
  • Jacek Sienkiewicz ‎-Drifting (Villalobos Mix)
  • Beatrice Dillon-Face A
  • Body Boys-First Time
  • Sanasol-Five AM
  • Arthur Boto Conley’s Music Workshop-Unknown