Dancing Through The 20th Century: 1940s



Rock ‘n’ roll didn’t start in the 1950s. It started years earlier, with the proto-RnR genres of jump blues and rhythm & blues, and pre-Elvis stars like Louis Jordan, Wynonie Harris and Arthur Crudup. In this week’s Dancing Through The 20th Century, David McNamee examines the predominantly black dance music that rock was before it became infused with white hillbilly music.

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  • Louis Jordan-GI Jive
  • Louis Jordan-Saturday Night Fish Fry
  • Louis Jordan-Caledonia
  • Louis Jordan-Show Me How You Milk The Cow
  • Joe Liggins-The Honeydripper
  • Jimmy Preston-Drinking Woman
  • Arthur Crudup-That’s All Right
  • Arthur Crudup-Crudup’s After Hours
  • Arthur Crudup-I Don’t Know
  • Wynonie Harris-Good Rockin Tonight
  • Roy Brown-Good Rockin Tonight
  • Wynonie Harris-I Want My Fanny Brown
  • Amos Milburn-Don’t Beg Me
  • Duke Ellington-The Sidewalks Of New York
  • Lil Green-Why Don’t You Do Right
  • Jimmy Preston & The Prestonians-Number Blues
  • Joe Liggins-Going Back To New Orleans