Dark Sky



Dark Sky present a bi-weekly broadcast dedicated to showcasing their love of all kinds of music, focusing mainly on the weird and wonderful. A portion of the show is dedicated to showcasing emerging talent sent in by listeners, followed by mixes recorded by guests we love. Send demos to infodarksky@gmail.com

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  • Banda Black Rio-Maria Fumac
  • Obi Agye Mr Dofo-vis-à-vis
  • Alogte Oho-Mam Yinne Wa
  • Oliver Coates-Stash
  • Dark Sky-Voim
  • Herbert-See You On Monday (Linkwood Remix)
  • Trudge-Give
  • Ross From Friends-Loose Wood
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Preston Brooke-Bkatadust
  • Dark Sky-Unreleased
  • Nicholas-Jazz Fusions
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Dark Sky-Domes
  • Simo Cell-Gliding
  • Dark Sky-Acaica
  • Schatrax-Mists Of Time
  • Kalbata-Al Shark
  • Dark Sky-Unreleased
  • Grant-Frame Of Mind
  • Pixel Music-M Theory
  • 1800 Haight Street-Georhythms
  • Rival Consoles-Johannesburg
  • Dark Sky-The Walker