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Dark Sky present a bi-weekly broadcast dedicated to showcasing their love of all kinds of music, focusing mainly on the weird and wonderful. A portion of the show is dedicated to showcasing emerging talent sent in by listeners, followed by mixes recorded by guests we love. Send demos to infodarksky@gmail.com

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  • Sabu Martinez-Hotel Alyssa-Sousse, Tunisia
  • Romare-Pusherman
  • Grupo Zygote-Loose
  • Layfayette Afro Rock-Azeta
  • Aaron Jerome-Angle Lady (Floating Points)
  • Bioshpere-Birds Fly By Flapping There Wings
  • Trust Me-I want you (Adam Fitzpatric)
  • Alecio-Adjustment
  • Daniel Avery-All I Need (Roman Flugal)
  • Max Graef-Ignorance Is Bliss
  • Murder He Wrote-Drifting v2 less hi
  • Samuel-A Million Things
  • Johnnick-Play The World
  • Caribou-All I Ever Need
  • Nina Kraviz-Aus
  • Paul Woolford-Erotic Discourse (Kowton Remix)
  • Young Male-This That
  • Randomer-Huh
  • Aphex Twin-180 db
  • Dorian Concept-Vertical Output
  • D-Kay - Golden Hands
  • Budgie-Once you pop
  • Quasimoto-Planned Attack
  • Alessio-T's Dream
  • Letherette-Wecko 97
  • Photek-Modus Operandi
  • Argos Jr-Kirton Street (Ruffys Remix)
  • Moses Boyd-Parralax
  • Gloria Ann Taylor-Deep Inside Of You