Dark Sky w/ General Ludd



Dark Sky present a bi-weekly broadcast dedicated to showcasing their love of all kinds of music, focusing mainly on the weird and wonderful. A portion of the show is dedicated to showcasing emerging talent sent in by listeners, followed by mixes recorded by guests we love. Send demos to infodarksky@gmail.com

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  • BlackByrds-Mysterious Vibes
  • Moodyman-Moody24
  • Fold-Nu Groove
  • Earth People-Dacne (Club Mix)
  • Isolee-Favouride
  • Mix Mub-Seaweed
  • Maghreban-Dynamite
  • Endian-Finish Me
  • Matyn-Elden St
  • Chris Moss Acid-Slam Box
  • Lego Welt-Airplanes In The Rain
  • Chvrches-Leave A Trace (Four Tet Remix)
  • Dark Sky-Naked Rudiements
  • Ariel Kalma-Merry Forest
  • General Ludd-Guest Mix
  • Heat Drive-Empathy Reboot
  • Stephen Bodzin-Singularity
  • Basic Channel-See Mi Version (Basic Reshape)
  • Zigg Gonzalezz-High Jackin
  • Dark Sky-Lazy Bones
  • Jazztronik-Samurai