Dave ID



Dave I.D takes us through industrial, and techno – melodic and dark. New and classic goth, his selection sets him apart from most, branching decades and scenes.

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  • Snowy Red-The Long Run
  • Coil-The Anal Staircase
  • Death In June-Crush My Love
  • Robert Gordon-Fire
  • Cold Colours XIU-Love Fades Away
  • Dead Fader-Scorched
  • Hard Corps-Desolation Land
  • Absolute Body Control-Is There An Exit?
  • File Not Found-Give Me A Sign
  • Sudeten Creche-Are Kisses Out Of Fashion
  • Aldous R.H.-The Scorpion Swings
  • Des Airs-Lovely Lady Of The Roses
  • Death In Vegas-Coum (Instrumental)
  • International Music System-Nonline
  • Chris & Cosey-Deep Velvet