Dave ID



Dave I.D takes us through industrial, and techno – melodic and dark. New and classic goth, his selection sets him apart from most, branching decades and scenes.

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  • Neil Richardson-Approaching Menace (mastermind theme)
  • Raudive/Oliver Ho-DAIL
  • Sudanese Gamelan-Sabilulungan
  • Jin Hi Kim-Ek forJc
  • byr Gulag - Bleiburg-Good
  • PANKOW-Nice Bottom (Schoener Arsch
  • Coil-Heaven's Blade
  • Barker and Baumecker-Drin
  • Haus Arafna-Colony Collapse [a sign for you]
  • nagamatzu-Watch and Waste
  • Aksak Maboul-Scratch Holiday
  • Bigod 20-The Bog
  • Chris Carter-Beat
  • Vatican Shadow-Dave.i.d AWIDK Remix
  • TVO-Naufana
  • Death in June-Rain of Despair
  • White Car-A figure in the dark
  • Roberto Cacciapaglia-My Time
  • Ruins-Sexual Desire
  • Van Den Beat-Sacher Musak
  • Dorothy-Softness
  • Mantronix-Simple Simon (You gotta regard)
  • Mark Safan-Win in the End
  • Psyche-Unveiling the Secret
  • Laibach-Die Liebe
  • Tuxedomoon-Driving To Verdun