God's Waiting Room w/ David Holmes



God's Waiting Room: a round-about selection of the cinematic, library music, rock 'n' roll, psych, experimental, unclassifiable and independent. From the mind of DJ, producer and creator of original soundtracks, David Holmes.

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  • Miles Davis-Ascenseur Pour L'echafaud.
  • Sebastien-J' ADore Godard.
  • Henri Salvadore-Pauvre Jesus Christ.
  • Larajji-Vision Song Suite
  • Focus group-let's listen.
  • Doris Hays and John Mathews-Electro tension
  • Tony MC Vee-3x7
  • Bali Barong-lambata Sari anom
  • Georges Garavantz-Haschisch
  • Georges Delarue-Les Visiteurs
  • Bill Conti-Philadelphia morning
  • Big Star-Big black car
  • Alex North-love theme from Spartacus.
  • Eric peters-electronic rhythm
  • Purple pilgrims-thru every cell
  • Sparky's-Magic echo
  • Nox-Rut
  • Alesia cosmos-so far.
  • Ugo bosoni-Tokyo
  • Philippe Sarde-Le Cort├Ęge
  • Carrellata-diretta da awake
  • Alexander Gradsky-romance for lovers
  • Cecil Turner-crap shootin sinner
  • Little Peggy March-I will follow him
  • Buffy Saint Marie-the dream tree.
  • Brian eno-Saint Tom
  • Luc Marrianni-Voyager vers L'harmonie
  • Robert Maalouf-ana wil leyl
  • Jean Michel Bertrand-Engines
  • Aphex Twin-Goon Gumpas
  • Keith Fullerton-stereo music for acoustic guitar , buchla music box 100, Hewlett Packard model 236 Oscillator , and electric guitar and computer pt 1
  • The Durutti Column-sketch for summer
  • Holger Czukay-fragrance
  • Popol Vuh-Aguirre II
  • Radiohead-tinker tailor soldier sailor rich man poor man beggar man thief
  • Joel V.D.B-Cosmico Eco