Death Is Not The End



Death Is Not The End digs up the oldest of the old, serving up your gospel, blues and folk with a crackle. Hear the dust.

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  • Salman Shukur-Improvisations
  • John Fahey-Sun Flower River Blues
  • Native American Church of Various Tribe-Unknown
  • Apache San Carlos-Horse Dance
  • Cam Deas-Frozen Lakes and Icy Leaves
  • Modern Mayan-Carranza
  • Indian Records-Scalp Dance Songs
  • Manatsoa-Valiha Fombandrazanah
  • The Real Bahamas-Won't That Be A Happy Time
  • Shirly Collins-Rableaway
  • Southern Fife & Drum Corps-Little and Low
  • Unidentified Fisherman-Tammuriata
  • Henry Thomas-Bull Doze Blues
  • Gary Davis-Death Don't Have No Mercy
  • Peter Kennedy-Assorted Recordings
  • Paul Clayton-Swannanoah Tunnel
  • 22-Early In The Morning
  • Unknown-Gar Dance
  • Deva Loka-Raga Bhageshri
  • Echo From The Land Of Morning Calm-Boat Song (The Hahn River)
  • Unknown-Jali Jali
  • The Travelling Alstars-I'll Fly Away