Death Is Not The End



Death Is Not The End digs up the oldest of the old, serving up your gospel, blues and folk with a crackle. Hear the dust.

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  • John Dudley-Cool Water Blues
  • East Of The Valley Blues-N'Ajuster
  • Robert Petaway-Catfish Blues
  • Joshua White-While The Blood Runs Warm In Your Veins
  • Joe Shores-Mississippi Sounding Calls
  • Ora Dell Graham-(Jes' A) Pulling the Skiff
  • Rollie Lee Johnshon-Oh! I Thought I Heard The Wild Ox Moan
  • Anne Williams-Satisfy
  • Unknown-Hitler Toast
  • Wallace Chains & Sylvester Jones-My Pore Mother Keeps On Praying On Me
  • Smith Casey-Two White Horses Standing In Line
  • Katherine & Christeen Shipp-See-Lye Woman
  • Roxie Threadgill-Witness for the Lord
  • Sister O.M. Terrell-I'm Going To That City
  • Fred McDowell & The Hunter Chapel Singers-I know I've Been Converted
  • Georgia Sea Island Singers-Beluah Land
  • Washington Phillips-You Can't Stop A Tattler, Pt. 1
  • Sid Hemphill-The Devil's Dream
  • Alabama Sacred Harp Singers-Religion Is A Fortune
  • Henry Truvillion-Possum Was An Evil Thing
  • George Coleman-This Old World Is In A Terrible Condition
  • Alabama Sacred Harp Singers-Rocky Road
  • Roosevelt Charles-Mule Blues
  • Sid Hemphill-Soon In The Mornin'
  • Casey Smith-Wouldn't Mind Dyin' If Dyin Was All
  • Son House-Pearline
  • The Travelling Allstars-I'll Fly Away
  • Reverend J.W. Neely-Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around
  • Ora Dell Graham-Shortenin' Bread
  • Georgia Sea Island Singers-Throw Me Anywhere Lord
  • Roxie Threadgill-Rock Daniel
  • Robert Pete Williams-Pardon Renied (Denied) Again
  • East Of The Valley Blues-Rantas
  • Maria Sabina-Don't Be Concerned, Old One
  • Willie Thrasher-Spirit Child
  • National Independent Gospel Singers-I Got Good Religion
  • Boyd Rivers-Wrapped Up, Tied Up, Tangled Up
  • Viola James-On That Rock
  • Rev. I.D. Back & Congregation-Sermon & Lining Hymn
  • East Of The Valley Blues-Di Legno