DEBONAIR w/ Juniper



Debi Ghose connects the musical dots, with a particular affinity for post-punk, techno and vintage electronica.

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  • Anthony Rother-Past represents the future
  • John. T. Gast-Infection
  • Special Occasion-No cover (Maxxxbass mix)
  • Anne Clark-Weltschmerz
  • Machine Woman-10.08.15
  • Asc-Imagine the future
  • Blazej Malinowski-Mika (Stanislav Tolkachev's Rainy Day Remix dub)
  • Aleksi Perala-UK74R1512110
  • Itpdwip-Waters of styx (jeremiah r remix)
  • Gescom-Keynell (Autechre mix 1)
  • Batu-Reez (Lee Gamble 3rd Rail Deconstruction)
  • 2814-恢复
  • Orbe-Suns atmosphere
  • Monojunk-Deep in my mind
  • Polysick-Untitled
  • Heiko Laux-Shimmer (Steve Rachmad basic mix)
  • Maizena-Anti-sex (edit)