Night Shift w/ Diamondstein

Los Angeles


Cold winds, empty streets. Dream Catalogue associate Diamondstein closes out Friday in LA with ambient techno and moody experimental music for night time noir moments.

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  • Jokers of the Scene-A Night on the Town
  • Ross 154-Moon FM Desire
  • KUTMAH-Till We Meet Again
  • Voices From The Lake-Scintille
  • Voices From The Lake-Max
  • Illum Sphere-Oracle
  • Yaroze Dream Suite-Spirit Temple
  • Glasser-Shape (Visionist Remix)
  • Yoshimi-Forbidden Place
  • Ital Tek-Sanctum
  • Sinoia Caves-Elena's Sound-World
  • Recondite-Floe
  • Diamondstein-Conversations (VVV Remix)
  • Diamondstein-Piano Variations #1: Nickelodeon
  • Ancst-Scourge of the Yuggoth