Diet Clinic w/ Kristina & Timothy Fairplay



Diet Clinic got in Kristina and Timothy Fairplay for this one, 2 hours of weirdness on tap.

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  • Igor Wacheritch-Spenta Aramati
  • Zdenek Liska-Witches Firewall
  • The Flying Lizards-Suzanne
  • Jeff Grace-Ending and Titles
  • Takahiro Mukai-#183 Crucible de Lacunes
  • The Tee Vees-War Machine
  • Imaginary Forces-A Bedroom in Woodford Green
  • KLF-Elvis on my Radio, Steel Guitar in my Soul
  • Tirzah-Make it Up
  • Jess Osbourne Lanthier-909 Problems but the Pitch Ain't One
  • I:Cube-Makossa Suspens
  • Sandman-No Prisoners (Harmonious Thelonious Remix)
  • Golden Teacher-Shatter
  • Massonix-Jet Bolero
  • James Asher-Research Specimens
  • Xamina-Stratocumulus
  • Perseus Traxx-Nymphs of the North
  • Vagon Brei-Grog, Grog, Grog
  • Tapan-Volumes (Willie Burns Mix)
  • Florian Kupfer-I Feel You
  • Antoine Rouge-Dodging the Steamroller
  • DRVG CVLTRE-Sleepdealer
  • F.A.M.E-Wet
  • Roberto Auser-The Force
  • DJ HELL-My Definition of House Music
  • The Believers-Essence of Life (Stomping Darkside Mix)
  • Bulb-Light it Up