Disjecta w/ Acolytes



Disjecta is a monthly hour long collection of computer music, club music, antagonistic politics, noise, 20th century classical, bad feelings, free jazz and failed conceptualism. Regular exclusive guest mixes from the best.

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  • The Lloyd Pack-The Magyars
  • Suburban Knights-The World's
  • Felicita-Slavs Wi Sparkley Eyes
  • Bourbonese Qualk-Return To Order
  • Bourbonese Qualk-Outcry
  • Vox Populi!-Yek
  • Mary Longford-Body Language
  • Body Language-An Imaginary Orchestrina
  • Spock Jr.-Ion (Boccacio Edit)
  • Ra-X - Bodyrock
  • Third Electric-Phunction
  • Brood Ma-AYEBEAM
  • Cyrnai-A8
  • Black Zone Myth Chant ‎-Centre Of The Universe