Disjecta is a monthly hour long collection of computer music, club music, antagonistic politics, noise, 20th century classical, bad feelings, free jazz and failed conceptualism. Regular exclusive guest mixes from the best.

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  • Catherine Wagner-Regarding The Use Value And Exchange Value Of Orgasms
  • Marcus Schmikler-Smooth Hang
  • Julius Eastman-Stay On It
  • Rescund-Ground Force
  • Ashkalon-Towards The Cristal
  • Ceebo The Rapper-Fuck The Police
  • Rhythm Is Rhythm-The Beginning
  • Carol Parkinson-The Heavybeat
  • Jeff Keen-Omozap To Plasticator
  • Speed Jack-CTC
  • Felicita-Skip
  • Olivier Messiaen-Timbres Durees
  • Ake Hodell-Where Is Eldrige Cleaver
  • Marcus Schmikler-Mystery Bouffle
  • Toshimaru Nakamura-Nimb 2
  • Eric Satie-Of A Lifting
  • Reinbert De Leeuw-Vexations
  • Ceebo The Rapper-Fuck The Police