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Get a little look at what's going on at DIY Space For London - floating hosts offer a glimpse into the DIY calendar, with exclusive interviews, live sets, DJ mixes and more from hosted acts.

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  • Dream Nails-DIY
  • Deerful-Moon Maps
  • Party Traitor-I Don’t Trust My TV
  • th’Sheridans-Your Favourite
  • Tuffragettes-Gone
  • Love Of Everything-Sooner I Wish
  • Garden Centre-Scrap Yard
  • Scrap Brain-BPD
  • Spook School-Sometimes I Hide From Everybody
  • The Potentials-Potentials Theme
  • R Elizabeth-Season Of Error
  • We Wild Blood-Haunt Yourself
  • Shabsi Man-The Emperor Rules For A Day
  • Anxiety-Delayed
  • The Love Triangle-Settling
  • Anxiety-The Worst