Don't Trip w/ Margarita



Somewhere between banging your head against a brick wall and holding your breath under water . A mess of genres covering noise, drone, sludge, post-hardcore, atmospheric metal, freak folk, ambient, experimental and all that other good stuff.

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  • Miguel A. Garcia & Anne f Jacques-A04
  • Worm Farm-To Break Into Old Houses ( And Never Get Caught)
  • Natural Snow Buildings-3
  • Splitter-Wochenende, Jetz ne Pekingente
  • Private Archive-Coital Eel (Fentanly Lollipop Mix)
  • Sightings-TAR & PINE
  • Self Loath-Green Grass of Tunnel (Mùm)
  • Davy Walklett-Burn Toast
  • RVH-Oval-Shaped
  • Private Archive-White Vinegar
  • Rose Alliance-Untitled
  • Puce Mary-Gestures
  • Soft Options Killing-Untitled
  • Object Agency-Fella Net Spend
  • Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld-Won't be a thing become
  • Negation-Body /Idea
  • Haraam-Wastelands
  • The Dead C-Plains
  • Haushaltswaren-Arabische Nachte
  • David Mitchell-Dogs
  • Dieter Moebius-Humpa
  • Nurse With Wound & Organum-Human Human Human
  • LA Vampires & Zola Jesus-On The Desert
  • Edgar Wappenhalter-Michel
  • Wet Nurse-A Rose Amongst Thorns
  • Klood-Jyr
  • Suicide-Dream Baby Dream