Don't Trip w/ Margarita



Somewhere between banging your head against a brick wall and holding your breath under water . A mess of genres covering noise, drone, sludge, post-hardcore, atmospheric metal, freak folk, ambient, experimental and all that other good stuff.

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  • Burmese-Preyer
  • DeV-Selbstmond
  • Isobel Ccircle-Invernos
  • Caboladies-Woodn
  • Dead Body Love-02 Side B
  • Bene Gesserit-Existentialisme
  • Matt Christensen-Carnival Plus
  • Sky Limousine-Mesemerize
  • 1/3 Octave Band-Mass No Velocity
  • Josh Burke-Upwards side A
  • LR-The Sons and Daughters
  • Cloaked Light-But I’m Trying
  • Infinity Window-Skull Theft
  • Neel-The Gravity of Limtoc
  • Sean McCann & Maxwell August Croy-Parting Light (Suite)
  • Emeralds-Bubble Quiet Complication