Don't Trip w/ Margarita & John



Somewhere between banging your head against a brick wall and holding your breath under water . A mess of genres covering noise, drone, sludge, post-hardcore, atmospheric metal, freak folk, ambient, experimental and all that other good stuff.

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  • Helen-‘Dying All The Time’
  • Group Inerane-Ikabkaban
  • Tropic Of Cancer-Fall Apart
  • Mirror to Mirror-The store
  • Tortoise-Whitewater
  • White Rainbow-Reeses Delux Stack Fever Dream Theory Version
  • Kate Gately-Acahellakg
  • Own Gilbride-Plate Tectonics
  • Kid 606-Die Rumpled Ego
  • F.E. Denning-Untitled
  • Synek-Fathom (VLGRGRLZ RMX)
  • Hvide Sejl-Lørdag 04.42-04.49
  • 1/3 octave band-Merrill
  • Ostots-Ekaitz Bortitzen Sentimenak
  • Swamp Horse-Reflections Of A Life Wasted
  • Maurice's Hotel Death-Other People’s Walkmens