Eclair Fifi



Expert selections all round: encompassing everything you know and love from Eclair Fifi. That's techno, electro, hip-hop, Latin Freestyle, early Warp Records material, and then a bunch of other stuff that's bound to surprise you.

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  • Mark Broom-Lost Message (Jegs Remix)
  • Gucci Mane-Donald Trump ft. DK
  • Disco D-Beat It
  • Hudson Mohawke-Play N Go
  • Stephan Bodzin-Sungam Synthapella
  • Francis Bebey-All Over The World
  • Yves Tumour-Cherish
  • Tina Turner-What's Love Got To Do With It (Lord Of The Isles Reshape)
  • Fingers Inc-Bring Down The Walls
  • Niagara-Asa
  • Monolake-Inwards (VLSI Version)
  • Busta Rhymes-What The Fuck You Want
  • Lorenzo Senni-Win In The Flat World
  • Weestephenm-DJ Badboy Friday Night
  • Isuzu-House Idea Isai
  • Soundstream-Good Soul
  • Mr Pauli-Lo Mas
  • PG Sounds-Power
  • Nasenblunten-Cuntface
  • Robert Miles-Children (Bleaker's A
  • Triple 6 Mafia-Fuck All Dem Does Part 2
  • Omar S-Here's Your Trance Now Dance
  • Telex-So Sad
  • Erik Van Der Broek-Yazzid
  • Missy Elliot-Best Friends
  • DJ Gray-Untitled 3
  • Elecktroids-Future Tone
  • Draft-Tobago
  • Andreas Vollenweider-Silver Wheel
  • Lenny D, DJ Skinhead, Omar Santana-Kick Some Shit
  • Robbie M-Friends
  • Hamza-One one
  • Steven Julien-Chantal
  • TY84-Look Like
  • Jose 'Chep' Nunez-Cyre
  • Samari-Khadi (JTC Remix)
  • Smith N Hack-To Our Disco Friends
  • Hudson Mohawke-Amethyst
  • DJ Fresh-Get The Fuck out
  • Youandewan-Waiting For L
  • Cristian Vogel-Ninjah
  • Greg Beato-JOJ
  • The Analog Roland orchestra-Aftermath