Eclair Fifi & Matthias Zimmermann



Expert selections all round: encompassing everything you know and love from Eclair Fifi. That's techno, electro, hip-hop, Latin Freestyle, early Warp Records material, and then a bunch of other stuff that's bound to surprise you.

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  • Visable Cloaks-Wintergreen
  • Smerz-Because
  • Shed-Black Heart
  • Inkke-Brazil
  • Janet Jackson-When I Think Of You
  • Slam-Soul Power
  • Indian Ocean-Treehouse / School Bell
  • Acidboychair-Doctor Please
  • Chez Damier-Can You Feel It (Vocal Club Mix)
  • Creep Woland-Duckin
  • Renee Aldrich-Just Begun To Love You
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Jiraffe-Out'a The Box
  • Steve Arrington-Dancing In The Key Of Life
  • Nocera-Let's Go (Mathias Zimmermann Remix)
  • Voyage-I Love You Dancer
  • Herbie Hancock-Ready Or Not
  • Bill Summers-Call It What You Want
  • Dopplereffekt-Infophysix
  • Xena-On The Upside
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Mathis Ruffing-Basalt
  • Phran-Strange Geography
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Les Yeux Orange-Amantes Cosmicos
  • Talaboman-The Ghosts Hood
  • Liquid Liquid-Bell Head
  • Mathias Zimmermann-Jordan (Chambray Remix)
  • Sterac-The Lost Of A Love
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Larry Heard-Caribbean Coast
  • Vincent Floyd-Get Up
  • Space Dimension Controller-Unknown (Kornel Kovacs Remix)
  • John Maus-Keep Pushing On
  • vakula-You Can Do