Fervent Moon

Mexico City


DJ: “… I don’t know, I didn’t… I didn’t think I’d be the one holding the air, I never spoke live before the event consumed the many. I’ve no news for the desperate survivors and… and I can’t... well, I can hope that this next song might help us survive a little longer..."

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  • Bobby Moore and The Formosts-It Was A Lie
  • Toussaint Mc Call-Nothing Takes The Place Of You
  • Dee Clark-Blues Get Off My Shoulder
  • Tarheel Slim & Little Ann-Don't Ever Leave Me
  • Jonah Thompson-Get Involved
  • Friends of Distinction-Going in Circles
  • Garnet Mimms-A Quiet Place
  • Helene Smith-A Woman Will Do Wrong
  • The Sharells-Doomsday
  • Aaron Neville-Don't Cry
  • Alton Ellis-If I Could Rule The World
  • Dutch Rhythm, Steel & Showband-Down by the River
  • The Professionals-Theme from The Godfather
  • Circuit Rider-Red Dog
  • Can-Mushroom
  • Shadrack Chameleon-Granite Feast
  • The Cave Dwellers-You Know Why
  • The Emperors-And Then
  • The Dynamics-Misery
  • Mariza Koch-Skepseis
  • Samuel Belay-Aynotchesh yerefu
  • William DeVaughn-You Can Do It
  • One Eye Open The Mask Man and The Agents-The World is a Cafeteria
  • Eddie and Ernie-I'm a Young Man
  • João do Vale-Carcara
  • Shirley Edwards-Dream My Heart
  • Eddie Holman-Four Walls
  • Nella Dodds-You don't Love Me Anymore
  • Dione Warwick-Don't Make Me Over
  • J.J Barnes-Don't Bring Me Bad News
  • Clarence Hill-A Lot of Loving Going Round
  • Renaldo Domino-Two Years Four Days
  • Gwen Davis-My Man Don't Think I Know
  • Irma Thomas-Two Winters Long
  • Mitch Mitchell-Never Walk Out On You
  • Judy Clay & William Bell-Love-eye-tis
  • The Turks-You Turn Me On
  • Tommie Young-All A Part Of Loving Him
  • Nine Ways - Koko Taylor-Twenty
  • Little Ben and The Cheers-Gonna Get Even With You
  • The Fabulous Deenos-Once I Had Love