Field Work w/ Jim Puwaba



South London friends and family Field Work embark on a free-flowing cruise through ambient environs, strange pop, smudgy dub, assembled voices and assorted intercepted transmissions. Accompanied by GIFs at

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  • Paul Chain-Hypgnosis
  • Din a Testbild-Satisfactory
  • The Mystic Jungle Tribe-Live in Napoli (Part 2)
  • Gamma-Mobile Devotion
  • Randomize-Movilidad Incesante
  • Klause Schulze-Opheylissem
  • K Leimer-The Cockpit
  • Clara Monshine-Turangalila
  • Shriekback-Hand on My Heart (Adrian Sherwood Remix)
  • Escape from New York-Fire in my Heart
  • Green Chimney-Charlie dub
  • T & B-Come on, Do the Dance
  • Joshua Abrams-Simultonality
  • Sandor Szabo-Ritual of a Spiritual Communion
  • Rimarimba-On Dry Land
  • Subhead-10
  • The Sun God-Being Hieroglyphic
  • Yvette-Untitled
  • Air Goose-Untitled
  • Tambourines-Pay Master
  • Poodle-Sunshine club
  • Riou-Buffer
  • Drexciya-Take your mind