Field Work - No Doors, No Locks



South London friends and family Field Work embark on a free-flowing cruise through ambient environs, strange pop, smudgy dub, assembled voices and assorted intercepted transmissions. Accompanied by GIFs at

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  • Uman-The White Spirit
  • Carl Weingarten & Walt Whitney-Pipe Winds
  • Trisomie 21-Moonlight
  • Patrick Cowley-Timelink
  • Sons of Arqa-Whirling (Full)
  • Dimitris Petsetakis-Troy War
  • Black Merlin-Waves
  • Nick Anthony Simoncino* & Mark Rogers-Happy (DJ Sotofett Slow Jungle Trippin')
  • Bamboo-Stone
  • Rubies ft Feist-I feel electric (tiedye mix)
  • Codek-Tim toum
  • Sound Patrol-tripping among the stars
  • Tornado Wallace-thinking allowed
  • Reverso 68-tokyo disco
  • Manuel Gottsching-shuttlecock
  • Isolee-allowance
  • K Leimer-Method, Language and Silence
  • Carl Weingarten & Catherine Charlton-Space Race
  • Labradford-e luxo so
  • Bamboo-sangokushi love theme
  • Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company-Oleo Strut
  • Haircut One Hundred-Evil Smokestaking Baby