Field Work w/ Rausch Turning - Pink Slime



South London friends and family Field Work embark on a free-flowing cruise through ambient environs, strange pop, smudgy dub, assembled voices and assorted intercepted transmissions. Accompanied by GIFs at

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  • Synth Sisters-Silver Dust
  • Donato Dozzy & Anna Caragnano-Starcloud
  • Rattle-Click
  • Donato Dozzy & Anna Caragnano-Luci / Fraledune
  • Marc Barreca-Industrial Landscape
  • Vito Ricci-Deep Felt Music
  • A C Marias-Just Talk
  • Annie Anxiety-Third Gear
  • CTI-Conquest
  • Toresch-Laquella
  • Siglo XX-Some Have A Laughter
  • Luc Marianni-Synthetic Suite N°5 Pour Piano
  • raffaele serra-Shades And Drumbeats
  • Plaza Hotel ‎-Bewegliche Ziele
  • Jonny 5-black hole
  • Suns of Arqa / Muslimgauze-Waz Whirling
  • Coil-further back and faster
  • Krazy Kirk-can't trust no man version
  • Jah Shaka-Deliverance Dub
  • Early Bee-Imitator (replay version)
  • Einsturzende Neubauten-Schwindel
  • Malcolm Pointon-Study 2
  • Carl Stone-Chao Kue