Fifth World w/ Ian Kim Judd



In these times of global instability and uncertainty about what the future may hold, FIFTH WORLD seeks to posit an alternative, scenes from an optimistic future.

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  • June11-Who Is Dreaming
  • Francesco Messina-Plaza Tonal
  • Paul K.-Scottish (Extract)
  • John T. Gast-Weltfunk
  • Aksak Maboul-Mastout Alakefak
  • Matt Carlson-Reality Club
  • Dices + AEM Rhythm Cascade-Green Diver
  • Carlos Maria Trindade & Nuno Canavarro-The Truth
  • Xavier Jouvelet-Ouef En Clock
  • Flaming Tunes-Breast Stroke Dub
  • Pierre Baroud-Le Pollen
  • Cinema-Sem Teto
  • TCP-Desert Rain
  • Cal-Sick - Morning In China
  • Planetary Peace-I Am That I Am