Record Store Rotation: Flashback Records



Always keen to do more than just what record stores do, Flashback Records joined NTS’ Record Store Rotation, keen as ever to lay down some classic reggae, post-punk and soul tracks. Friendly vibes, like usual.

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  • Al Foster Band-Night Of The Wolf
  • Stanley Cowell-Come Sunday
  • Suns of Arqa-Acid Tablas
  • Coil-The Hills are Alive
  • African Head Charge-Snakeskin Tracksuit
  • Bayo Damazio-Dizzy With Love
  • Sauce 81-Natural Thing
  • Flying Lotus-Do The Astral Plane
  • Actress-Mazes (Long Version)
  • Autechre-Gelk
  • Boards of Canada-Seeya Later
  • Johnny and the Attractions-Coming On The Scene
  • Soundemension-Real Rock
  • Nomo-Better Than That
  • Spontaneous Overthrow-All About Money
  • Eugene Mc Daniels-Cherrystones
  • Frog-Witch Hunt
  • AKA-Mr. Bull Doc
  • Philip Cohran and the Artistic Heritage Ensembe-The Minstrel
  • Andrew Cyrille & Maono-Haitan Heritage
  • Psychic Ills-January Rain
  • Broadcast-The World Backwards
  • Sly & The Family Stone-Can't Strain My Brain
  • Quasimoto-Green Power
  • KRS One-I Can't Wake Up
  • Tuff Crew-My Part Of Town
  • Devo-Social Fools