Record Store Rotation: Flashback Records



Always keen to do more than just what record stores do, Flashback Records joined NTS’ Record Store Rotation, keen as ever to lay down some classic reggae, post-punk and soul tracks. Friendly vibes, like usual.

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  • The Fugitives-Cantelope Rock
  • Glen Addams-Cool,Cool, Rock Steady
  • The Kingstones-Put Down Your Fire
  • Larry & Alvin-Your Cheating Heart
  • Ken Booth-The One I Love
  • Butter's All Stars-Supercharge
  • The Skatalites-Dick Tracy
  • The Wailers-Play Boy
  • Sound Dimention-Mun Dun Gu
  • Unknown Artist-Phoenix Plus Time
  • Milte Hi Ankhen-Sam Carty
  • Al Cisneros-Yerushalayim
  • Black Solidarity-Imitator
  • Another Jazzbo Production-Replay Version
  • Monty & The Cyclones-Summertime
  • Red Saunders-Summertime
  • Anna Valentino-On A Tropical Island
  • Tommy Jeane Whitley-Leave My Heart
  • Breacher Stephens-Mary
  • Eskew Reeder-Undivided Love
  • Johnny Nash-Talk To Me
  • Bud Harper-Let It Rain
  • Horce Andy-Skylarking
  • Joe Higgs-Let Us Do Something
  • Winston Francis-Let's Go To Zion
  • Moon Rocks & Prince Jazzbo-Unite Jah People
  • You Jamming-Al Campbell
  • Junior Murvin-Tendious
  • Kibir La Amalak-Mental Freedom
  • Birdman-What Happened To That Boy
  • BR Gunnas-Do Ya Thang
  • A Tribe Called Quest-Oh My God
  • Nas-Half Time
  • Eric B & Rakim-Microphone Fiend
  • Nice & Smooth-Funky For You
  • Gang Star-Just To Get A Rep
  • Organized Confusion-Stressed (Remix)
  • Asher Senator-Asher Senator
  • 3rd Ball Feat Asher Senator-Drop The Bass
  • Trailer Lord Of Girls-Shabba Ranks
  • Bim One-Nah Boy
  • Bim One Featuring Macka B-Don't Stop The Sound