Floating Points



Sam Shepherd a.k.a Floating Points barely needs introduction. Cataloguing depths uncharted to expose some of the best jazz, soul, rare groove and disco around.

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  • Tony Brown-Til I `Saw You
  • Purgatory-Beyond the Boonies
  • Robert Vanderbilt & The Foundation of Souls-A Message Especially from God
  • Steve Kuhn-The Meaning of Love
  • Eunice Collins-At the Hotel
  • Jorge Darden-Alone Again
  • K.L. Hamilton-I'm Trying
  • Micheal Smith-A Love That's Heavenly Inspired
  • Delores Fuller-One More Chance Lord
  • El Shoeby & Co-Never Missed What You Got
  • Karizma-Will You Dance With Me
  • Bilal Sabir-Changes
  • Ellis & Cephas-I'm Gunna Miss You Girl
  • The Jax Transit Authority-Life is a Miricle
  • Africano-Open Your Hearts
  • Al Green-Full of Fire
  • The Perfect Circle-The Hands of Time
  • Blue Eyed Soul-Look Out for Shaft
  • Purgatory-Call of the Wild
  • King James Version-Won't Have Time to Worry
  • Bobby & Bobbie Fulton-Nassa's Grand Boy
  • Brenda Jones-Big Mistake
  • Chris Hills-Let Me Say This About That
  • PepĂ© Bradock-Underground Monongahela
  • Daryl Douglas-Searchin
  • BLO-Bulky Backside
  • Disco Train-Kiki Gyan
  • DJ Slynghot-These Things
  • Blue Eyed Soul-Burn
  • Seven Days-Trying