Floating Points & Four Tet



Sam Shepherd a.k.a Floating Points barely needs introduction. Cataloguing depths uncharted to expose some of the best jazz, soul, rare groove and disco around.

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  • Keith Jarrett-Birth
  • Neptune-Naima
  • Bayete-The Time Has Come
  • Thesda-Bongo Lumbo
  • Arnold Blair-Trying To Get Next To You
  • Milton Wright-Black Man
  • Zeca Do Trombone-Tema Do Brisa
  • Frank Ferrer-Hallelujah
  • Beginning Of The End-Superwoman
  • Chris Hills-Let Me Say This About That
  • King James Version-I'll Still Love You
  • Michael Jackson-Working Day And Night
  • Marion Javius-Waiting In the Wings
  • Milton Wright-My Old Lady
  • E.W Wainwright Junior-The Healer/ Don't Break
  • Pink Floyd-Up The Khyber
  • Percy & Them-Shake It (Part 1)
  • Percy & Them-Shake It (Part 2)
  • Thesda-Hear You Clearly
  • Change Of Pace-You Can Depend On Me
  • Formula One-Hold On
  • Sweet Mixture-House Of Fun And Love
  • Maria Beth├ónia-Mano Caetano
  • Schangay-Cantiga De Cego
  • Joao Donato-A Ra
  • Sheila Hylton-Lot Of Love
  • Johnny And The Attractions-Coming On The Scene
  • Al Green-I'll Be Good To You
  • The Energettics-You Make Me Nothing
  • Adoms Treo-Reggae Experience
  • Patricia Denson And The Soul Expressions-I Thought I Heard You Moan
  • Jun Fukamachi-Triaxial Development
  • Cortex-Sabbat
  • Ed Nelson-I'll Give You A Ring (When I Come, If I Come(
  • Emanative-Makondi
  • Jeff Perry-Call On Me